A revolutionary way to share online videos

Brothers and sisters, join the Revolution! The Video View revolution that is. Starting next Monday (10th) we’ll usher in a new way of sharing the best online videos, with some real-time face-time sharing sessions in the bar at Seven Arts Centre.

Here’s how it works: based on a specific theme, Revolution in this case, audience members create a playlist on the fly and watch it play out on the giant screen. Doubtless there will be some chit chat as it unfolds, new inspirations will flash and tangents will inevitably be explored. Perhaps we’ll all learn something profound. More likely we’ll all have a couple of drinks and a fine old time.

But it really does depend on you to share your suggestions, no wallflowers! If you can’t make it along, contribute suggestions via Twitter (#VideoView @timineaux) or Facebook live on the night.

It wont be crowd sourcing all night long, I’ll be putting together a playlist with my own take on the Revolution theme and mixing up a live set from the very ingredients of revolution: money & power.

As a discursive starter for 10, do you think Gil Scott-Heron got it right?

Or are the Chicago Open Youth Network more on the ball?

Live and free from 8pm next Monday, Seven Arts Centre, Chapel Allerton, LS7 3PD. Future Video Views will be every second Monday in the month, meaning the next one is Valentines Day.


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