Re# is a catch all term referring to the collective work of Leeds based audio visual promoter, collagiste and sub commandante of the Projector Liberation Front, Tim ineaux.

Tim (or ineaux, he’s not yet figured out his 3rd person persona) is doggedly pioneering the art of YouTube jockeying, in the firm belief that cloud sourced audio visual content will be the future of entertainment, regardless of the odd stray pixel along the way.

Collages for the information era, ineaux’s mixes feature music videos, adverts and mashups, interspersed with clips from film & tv, all streamed live from the web. Sampling global beats, dubs and electronica, whilst working a sideline in brass bands, 8-bit geekery, childish humour and wonky weirdness, ineaux traces pop culture’s family tree back to its audio and visual roots. Often basing sets round a theme, ineaux spans the spectrum of arty through to party, though not necessarily all at once.

ineaux is available for bookings to provide audio visuals for your dinner-dance, fete, gallery closing or chimps tea party. Get in touch via twitter (@timineaux) or via tim <dot> ineaux <at> gmail <dot> com

Plus, ineaux gets up to all manner of antics involving projection. That might mean screening classic films in parks & fields, or organising a guerilla drive in, sometimes with a choice of original & rescored soundtrack broadcast on FM. It might be drawing on the side of buildings with lasers or playing retro Atari games several storeys high. It might be taking a dolphin for a swim, or flying a cruise missile round the dark streets. If you like strange happenings involving projectors, stay tuned…


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