Happy Birthday Jesus (& ineaux) mix

This Christmas marks the first anniversary of my YouTube jockeying. It’s come on quite a way since flying by the seat of my pants in Nation of Shopkeepers last Christmas, using separate audio and video mixers and being berated by drunken audience members for some poorly thought through choices… At least I have some better kit now!

This year there’s no gig at Nation, and I’m prepping for a festive gathering at ineaux towers. Ideally I’d like to mix up a selection of vids live during the party, but I’m more likely to spend my time mopping up spilt drinks and gluing decorations back together. So I’ve roughly ordered my set as a playlist that I can just set playing when domestic duties call. It’s packed with the true meaning of Christmas, crooners in cardigans, some novel takes on festive favourites, a smattering of kid logic and of course no Christmas is complete without a brass band or six.

Enjoy from the comfort of your own home, via this link (hit F11 for fullscreen and keep adjusting the sound levels)… http://www.youtube.com/p/6E1AFC4812D2FA9A?hl=en_GB&fs=1

A couple of words of warning though, there is some manflesh on display early on, courtesy of the Dandy Warhols, the Pythons lower the tone considerably with coarse language and fake breasts around the middle and following them is some sign language which might make Grandma blush, courtesy of The Word.

Some selected highlights include the aforementioned Word show featuring St Etienne & Tim Burgess “I was born on Christmas Day”…

A cracking remix of Eartha Kitts “Santa Baby” from 2.34 featuring some seriously deep slow grooves…

And The Flaming Lips performing “White Christmas” with the aid of a megaphone and glitterball…


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