Brothers and Sisters, your projector deserves better than to be oppressed with humdrum Powerpoint presentations. It’s a powerful tool for communication/entertainment/subversion so USE IT!

Send in evidence of your liberation to join the Front and receive your FREE membership badge, either via twitter or  to tim <dot> ineaux <at> gmail <dot> com

Here are some examples of inspirational Liberators to get you in the mood.

Miwa Matreyek, real time interactions with projected videos

Holontronica, holographic synesthetic projections, sound becoming light before your very eyes

Holographic head drumkit & decks, with Beardymans head!

Digital graffiti spraycans from the Leeds based Jam Jar collective.

Laser guided giant digital graffiti from the Graffiti Research Lab

Building mapping projections

Scintillating stop motion & projection mapping on unusual surfaces

Mr Beam lots of lovely projections, including decorating a living room via projectors

Nosaj Thing & Aalto VJ’s breaking the 4th wall of vj’ing, by building their own wall

Jesse Nikette a Californian VJ playing improvised sets on the streets of Los Angeles using a modded electric axe

The Horse In Motion mobile projection round Leeds by Dave Lynch, reanimating Muybridges horse images


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