Wrecking the net

Lets pick up that remix education with a collective who would doubtless have scorned an appearance on Rudetube. They are hot favourites amongst the uber hip Vimeo staffers, yet rarely hit 4 figure views on YouTube. Ladeez and gerrulmen, I give you Wreck & Salvage: three internet hobos riding the rails of digital refuse.

I came across these guys back when I was a promoter of av nights and didn’t tread the boards myself. They hooked me with an irreverent mashup humour that hinted of deep philosophical underpinnings… and intense bourbon consumption. Excitingly, they were broadcasting live video mashups over the intertubes a good 3 or 4 years ago. A feat I’m yet to achieve (though stay tuned on that front) and one giants of the scene, Eclectic Method, have only just got round to.

Many of their uploads are snappy, disconcerting affairs, coming in at around 30 confusing seconds. However I thought we’d take a look at one of their longer offerings, POTUSes. A simple idea delightfully realised.

Whilst they are not politically obsessed, Wreck & Salvage also feature in the mix that I promised to share last time round. Look out for Joe Biden commenting on the marvels of the internets in “Remixing teh internets”..

remixing teh internets

For more Wreck and salvage, I’d check their Vimeo, as YouTube limit what they can put out there.


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