I see a Motown or a Madchester

Although I’m looking to broaden sources of mix material beyond YouTube, with Vine in particular providing promising content, mashups are always going to be a staple of my sets. So spotting a ‘Rudetube Mashup Special’ whilst lazily browsing the old medium, I figured I could maybe learn a thing or two from their extensive research.

I didnt.

Clearly I shouldn’t have had high hopes for a no-rent digital rip off of You’ve Been Framed. But their top 50 countdown of the “best mashups on the net” left an awful lot to be desired. Since they used number of views as the sole criterion, I guess it’s not surprising there were some echoing voids in coverage. Some of my genuinely favourite mashup artists have views in the hundreds or low thousands. Nowhere near the 5 million odd views of the ‘winning’ video: a creation so acidic on the memory that recalling what it was entirely defeats me.

And so, inspiration struck for my next 50 odd postings.

Lets start by acknowledging one of the few artists Rudetube managed to include: Matthijs Vlot.

Now heres a guy, HERES A GUY who goes DEEP. I couldn’t think of a better opener. There are no beatmatched classsic rock songs synched to Missy Elliot in his mixography, hell no. When I’m talking mashup, this is what I’m talkin’ about.

Start your education with “Hello”:

When I watch this and consider the online remix oeuvre  I see a Motown or a Madchester. I see a movement with creativity at it’s heart. Only now, the geography is global not local

In my next post, I’ll show you how I would use this in a set. But for now, lets ponder a while on the unfathomable connections Matthijs must make in his head every time he watches a film.

As so often, YouTube limit remix material, so go check his Vimeo.


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