Buggles had it all wrong

MTV famously debuted with a goggle eyed mop top singing about how video had killed the radio star. I bet he never anticipated a radio show made entirely from videos.

I must confess, when I started mixing YouTube videos I didn’t anticipate it either, but yes that just happpened. My new friend @curatingyoutube emailed following our back to back mixtape session asking me to craft a mix for him. The radio show wasn’t the only twist on a common theme, the mix had to be done using gridr.com. I must confess, this made it doubly attractive. Broadcasting to an audience of late night Berliners (did I mention he’s German?) using a new platform was a challenge I couldn’t turn down.

Briefly, a word about gridr. Its a great platform for non-linear mixes of YouTube videos, demonstrated far more artistically that I do in @curatingyoutubes exhibition “Three hours in every second”. Me? I just bludgeoned it into submitting to do the sort of thing I would do live, only without full screen videos. The mix is called Meta wangling in Beta. The ‘wangling’ bit comes from the opening track, the Beta is because I am learning and Meta? Well its all Meta isn’t it?!

I was delighted with some of the responses, particularly from people who had been confused as to what exactly I do when I play live, such as:

abi ytdj comment

PS YTDJ = YouTube Jockey

Whilst it isn’t a perfect portrayal of what I do live it works a treat if you’re just listing to the audio, or interested in watching me work ‘behind the scenes’ without the full screen treatment.


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