The loneliness of the youtube curator

I have griped before that it’s a lonely business doing something that essentially no one else does. So you can imagine my excitement when I came across a twit by the name of @curatingyoutube.

We’d barely exchanged brief pleasantries before I’d invited him to partner up for an online video mix.

Now it’s worth mentioning that I knew essentially nothing about him, in fact I don’t think I even knew he was a he. Still, I was sold by his handle (wtf does mine sell?!) and a fascinating game of video ping pong ensued. We played on, taking turns to choose a video and tag it onto the previous choice, working within the confines of the mandated 5 second audio fades and abrupt video transitions.

We played until we’d reached what seemed like a sensible conclusion.

I love what we came up with, and knowing a bit more about him now I can understanding his choices. I also loved that there was no background, no context, just a shared love of extracting the best from the tubes.

The result is Video Ping Pong. Can you tell who’s turn is whos?

vid ping pong sshot

We continued to play, only we changed the nature of the game… more of that next.


4 thoughts on “The loneliness of the youtube curator

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