Yourtubes is coming, honestly…

I know this seems like a repeat posting, but YourTubes is definitely coming back at 8pm on Friday 22nd September (ignore the bit below where it says Saturday 22nd). This time its smack bang in the centre of town, in the swanky surroundings of the White Cloth Gallery no less (ignore the bit below that says it’s at Melbourne Street Studios…. you might guess things have been rehashed significantly from the original plans) right next door to the train station.

What more could you want, a delightful setting, a saturday night soiree with drinks on tap where you and your chums control the viewing. Until you get too tiddly to focus, when I will take the controls.

YOU! are what makes this event unique. YourTubes is the only event in existence (karaoke aside) where you choose what everyone else watches, right up until I can bear it no longer and wrestle controls back from you for to craft an on the fly mix from live streaming video. The evening will kick off with some inspiring/enlightening online presentations, which you can shortlist in advance (on Twittter with the hashtag #YourTubes) which we’ll vote for on the night. After that, any old randomness goes, though if a theme starts to emerge, I’d recommend running with it, bouncing selections from the ones that go before.

There’s good reason why ‘horns’ are cited on the poster (though I didn’t realise it when it was created) Unless I get carried away, this will be the starter for my set…

Suggestions welcome for horn based follow ups.


2 thoughts on “Yourtubes is coming, honestly…

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