L’entente cordiale

I can be a bit full of myself from time to time, but really I’m pretty modest about my work. So when the head of the French sister label of Ninja Tune starts emailing compliments about about my blog, it’s fair to say I was a happy ineaux.

The man in question is DJ Oof, psychedelic art collector, curator, film and fashion geek & founder of the Ping Pong label. Years ago I picked up one of his Cinemix dvd’s at a Big Chill Festival, though I don’t recall actually seeing him do it live. This doesn’t actually mean I didn’t see him, as far as I’m concerned festivals are like the old adage about the Sixties ; )

I’ve always had a penchant for his style: great musical choice, and a cheeky humour, often expressed through samples from the French equivalent of Carry On. He’s a one man cinematic kiss of life for neglected footage, whether the French film archives or pioneering 50’s animator Norman Malcolm.

He emailed some kind words, and mentioned that a few of the videos had gone offline. He was clearly expecting me to have a hard drive stashed away somewhere with downloads. So explained that I only played live streaming content from the internet, which meant I was in the lap of the censorious inter-tube gods. His “Respect” answer meant an awful lot to me, as it’s great to be recognised for the verite of my approach.

Anyway, enough basking in the reflected glow, lets take a look at his oeuvre…

Well well… in a moment of pure serendipity I just came across my favourite segment from the aforementioned Cinemix dvd, featuring some Anglo French capers in ‘The Brain’. I’ve been looking for this online for a good 5 years, only to find it whilst writing this blog with only 2 previous views. Like picking the winning numbers in the Euro Millions Lottery!

That one is perhaps not the most cerebral offering, so here is the result of 500 hours plundering the French aeronautical archives set to some Modeselektor minimalism. I’m a sucker for clunky machines and retro switchgear…

And to finish, heres some glitch-hop set to the work of Norman McLaren…


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