Watch that Sound

Its been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you…. No apologies, but a brief explanation: I got a hectic new job and for a good while my employers were blocking access to YouTube! Can you imagine the distress that caused?! However, rest assured, I have far from given up the on jockeying the Tubes. I’ve been assiduously gathering content at every given opportunity, just never get time to post the results up here due to dayjob pressures.

Whilst mining the ether I have struck a rich seam of electro revivalism, which is I guess a good way of describing the entire canon of av remixes, but in particular I’m taking about funky soul gems given a 21st century polish by one Bobby C Sound. I must confess, his is not a name I’d come across before, hailing as he does from the state of Colorado in the Good Ol’, but I was certianly mightly pleased to make his acquaintance.

Lets begin the introductions with his Soul Food Fight remix. Its got all the elements that get me hot under the collar, great beats, a deep retro vibe sampling Louis Jordan and visuals crafted from an old cartoon. 

If you’re liking that, you’ll love the next offering, this time working much the same vibe and sampling soul legend Ray Charles. Keen readers may recall me banging on about Diplos Gold Digger some time ago, and I think it’s fair to say that Mr Sound is rather familiar with it. But hey, who ever said great art needed to be based on original ideas, certainly not me!

Right then, must crack on. Cant promise that I’ll keep up with the levels of posting seen during the redundancy years, but I can promise that I’m still here, unearthing online audio visual delights for your desktop delectation. Plus I’ll be hitting the big screens again later in the year, so stay tuuuuuuuuuned…



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