Dont miss DJ Woody’s “Turntables in Technicolour”

Legendary turntable bother from the wrong side o’ the Pennines, DJ Woody, is bringing his astounding live AV show “Turntables in Technicolour” to Leeds next Friday 2nd. Do. Not. Miss. This.

Its not often Leeds gets lit up by the greats of the audio visual world, so its definitely worth dropping that xmas shopping and getting yourself along to the funkadelic new Sedgewick Avenue bar on Merrion Street to take in the spectacle. Best of all, it’s free!

What can we say about Woody. Well I’ve said a bit about him before. He’s yet another of those beat juggling scratchmasters who’s made the progression from records to audio visuals. See also DJ Food, DJ Cheeba and DJ Yoda. What makes the progression so common is the heavy use of samples in turntable culture. Its a natural step to go from dropping a vocal sample nicked from Pulp Fiction to dropping the sample in entirety. Although I couldn’t claim to be part of turntable culture myself, I have to doff my cap to it’s influence. In particular its the use of samples that drove me to AV mixing. Listening to mix tapes I would imagine the flickering footage that had disappeared from audio samples. Over time I developed a passion for spicing back together the audio and visual.

The thing that gives Woody has a bit of an edge on his compadres is that he trained as a graphic designer, giving him an intuitive understanding of visuals that isn’t shared by everyone ploughing the same furrow… *ahem* yoda *ahem*

To whet your appetite, lets look at a couple of bits of footage of the B Wooder at work. Here’s a taster of his showcase set from the 2010 DMC championship… 

And here he is serving up choice cuts to soundtrack “Local Legend” by Seek the Northerner, a tale familiar to anyone who grew up within spitting distance of the wrong side of the tracks…



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