… a fearless pioneer… a modern day Jimmy Savile

The sad news about Sir Jim’ll dying reminded me that only the week before I had emailed someone saying “I’m a fearless pioneer, a modern day Jimmy Saville”. You’ve doubtless heard Sir Jim’s claim to have been the first person to put two record decks together and invent DJ’ing. He also claims to be the inventor of the disco, being the first person to organise a dance with records instead of live bands. I feel much the same about YouTube mixing. Before I start waxing lyrical, lets hear what the man himself has to say…

The way talks about replacing bands with records is how I feel about taking internet videos off the desktop and projecting them into entirely different situations. His notion of having a pair of decks to cue up the next track is exactly what I’m doing when I mix videos together. I am that impatient listener in a hurry to get onto the next record/video, it’s hard wired. Show me a video, no matter what the content, and I’m immediately thinking about how it could relate to any of the 5000 odd other videos I’ve seen. Making connections and crafting mixes and mashups on the fly is why one of my sets is an entirely different experience to watching videos one by one without the contextual benefits of pro and epilogue.

Whilst reminiscing on the life of Sir Jim’ll, with the help of the internet ether I came across this tribute crafted from his intro’s. I was particularly looking for the scene where he switches off the ToTP lights at the end of the series, as it would make an ideal set closer. But watching the rest of his segments I was struck that I could craft a set based round his intros. I wouldn’t always stick to playing the band he’s introducing, though half the time you can’t really tell who he is introducing, and the other half I could quite happily play. Canned Heat? Wombles? The Specials? Just yer average ineaux experience…


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