Who is Brother ineaux and does he really know best?

Brother ineaux is a playfully dystopian projection of multimedia artist Tim ineaux’s psyche. More commonly found mashing live streaming YouTube videos, Tim is putting his years of audio visual production to good use, by sticking a large talking head of Leeds most commanding building.

Brother ineaux will be instructing the massed citizenry in the the mores of the modern dystopia he envisages himself the leader of. This isn’t a reality TV show, you cannot talk back to Brother ineaux, he really does know best.

Frustratingly for the Brother, he can only control the areas he can see from his Parkinsons Building perch. Thus creating a series of Temporary Autonomous Zones ripe for creative exploitation. Expect guerilla kinematic happenings that puncture the subservient passivity espoused by Brother ineaux.

Brother ineaux will be issuing instructions to citizens on Woodhouse Lane from 6pm until midnight.

Even curtain welling Orwellian controllers like to kick back and sing along to the latest internet viral smash from time to time though…