The big brother ineaux reveal…


I have been plotting an epic projection on the Leeds Uni Parkinson’s Building for several years.  The tower has long fascinated me due to it’s commanding position on the Leeds skyline, and in my warped mind it is crying out for a giant rotating Big Brother head, in the style of the original 1984 Apple Mac advert

I’ve been assembling my grand vision (ego trip?) for a while, posting snippets on Twitter, such as the components for the DIY radio controlled Public Address system I’m building (see below).  But now I’m ready for the big reveal, a fitting subject for my 100th posting.

The real life reveal will be on October 7th during Light Night, in an installation called “Brother ineaux knows best” which is my take on an all controlling dystopian Big Brother. Brother ineaux will be issuing instructions appropriate for a modern day dystopia to all citizens of Leodis who fall within his gaze, because of course, he knows best. However, there are plenty of places in the vicinity that Brother ineaux cant see, which will become Temporary Autonomous Zones for the night, hosting guerilla screenings & flashmobs. Stay tuned to my Twitter feed for the inside line on those. Whilst for the main installation and other mainstream fare, look out for all the info on the Light Night website and come along on the night.

Finally, a word of thanks to supporters of the project, including @automatton, @englandrp and @lumenarts. Plus a big thanks to Leeds University for providing legitimate access to their walls (don’t tell them I have lit them up guerilla fashion in the past…) and of course to Leeds City Council for putting on the whole Light Night shebang and for funding this installation.