A picture paints a thousand words

This morning I sat down to make a poster for the re-launch of my monthly events, now called YourTubes. I’m no graphic designer or illustrator, and previous attempts at posters have always frustrated me on some level due to their visual appearance. Worse still, I’ve always struggled to convey information in my posters, particularly about my most recent events which are tricky to describe.

However, today inspiration struck and I figured it was time to take my cue from the world of info-graphics, something that I’ve long been interested in. It took barely any time at all to decide on the key components of the event that I wanted to convey and decide on some simple ways of illustrating them. I was slightly limited by only having MS Publisher at my disposal, and I’m still not entirely happy with a couple of the graphic design elements, however overall I’m dead chuffed with my first infografik. Its a great improvement on previous attempts at getting information across that relied on text.

Whilst I’m here it’s worth pointing out that as the info-graphic says, YourTubes starts next Friday. The main change from Video View is that we’ll be kicking off each night with a couple of inspiring online presentations, from the likes of TED, Bettakultcha, Do Lectures and RSAnimate. Online video’s aren’t all about nodding cows and clever mashups, though of course you’re still welcome to choose to watch those too. We’re also ditching the themes. During the night folk can work their own themes if they like, but I think it stops people coming up with video suggestions rather than helps it. Play what you like from now on, you always did anyway!

Following previous events a few folk have discussed why audiences can find it difficult to make suggestions for videos with me based on previous events. This animation from the RSA makes some interesting points about the paralysis of choice…


2 thoughts on “A picture paints a thousand words

    • Thanks Noel, shame you can’t make it. Will take presentation/video suggestions online if you have any? Not promising to stream it back to the web just yet though, my capture card is not living up to it’s name…

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