Video View is Weds 8th June, you should come

Yes folks, it’s that time again, another Video View is almost upon us. This time a few things are a changing. First and most revolutionary-ly, there is no theme. I know this will rock some of your worlds, but freeform is the future. That, along with hoverboards and food pills… I’m still waiting for the last two, but free choice of what videos we watch is here and now. When I say here and now, of course I mean there (Seven Arts Centre) and then (from 8pm Wednesday 8th June)

Next on the revolutionary manifesto, there is no guest curator. Well no, that is a counterfactuality. I have a cracking guest curator lined up with a tranche of videos to show. She just cant make this date. So it’s down to thee and me.

Keen eyed amongst you will also have noticed it’s on a Wednesday, for the simple reason that I would like to start the weekend extra extra early for once. You too no doubt managed not to go out drinking on Monday & Tuesday, so come Wednesday you will be dying to go out for a drink and watch outstanding videos in a dimly lit room with strangers, won’t you? Well here I am, at your excuse providing service. Don’t mention it. Really.

However, just to provide some certainty in an uncertain world, there will be a spare laptop for you to choose your own video selection from the infinite ethertubes. I will also be solidly anchoring the end of the night with some audiovisual easy listening/watching, and possibly doing a little boogie behind my neo-decks depending on how many Landlords I’ve downed.

How can you possibly resist? And now, a video to close. Given the enormity of choice, what have I gone for, what tone am I looking to strike, what cultural high am I leaving you on? Yes sir, it’s Reverend Bob, encouraging you to get off that couch…

PS See all those suggested videos down the right hand side? I put most of those there through connections references and playlist listings, I have the power over the Tubes, MWAH-HAH-HA…


One thought on “Video View is Weds 8th June, you should come

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