Epic plans for the massive Hepworth Gallery launch

It’s been a week of highs & lows in ineaux towers I can tell you. Without troubling you with the melancholic details, I have spent the greatest part of the past 2 days in bed, with nary a “BED PEACE” sign in sight. However, whilst recuperating I had time to mull over my set for the spanking new Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield.

It’s another epic set, coming in at 4 hours, roughly the same as I clocked up at PaperGirl Leeds, so here’s my chance to prove to Neil Test Space that I could indeed do it all over again. As tends to be the case the set is all about remix and remix culture, which is not surprising, as I was commissioned in large part to remix some video pieces shot by local youngsters that will be premiering during the opening event on Saturday. I’ll be majoring on the art theme, given we’re in a proper Art venue, and including a clip about why art makes you happy along with some wry takes on the subject from Gilbert & George and Rastamouse. Now there’s a combo you don’t see too often.

When chatting with da yoot, I was delighted, if not a little surprised to be asked to play some country & western, so at their request I’ll include some Jonny Cash. Plus a huge variety of folk music from around the world including French troubadours, Mexican/European soundclashes, Sounds of Soweto, Gypsy step and singing cowboys, along with the usual Chap hop, Ska, Disney mashups, Hip hop, Gaga covers, wonky electronica & show tunes. Its fair to say that Pogo will be getting more than his fair share of outings….

… and that I shall be sampling this seminal TED talk from Larry Lessig more than once…

As if that weren’t eclectic enough I’m pinching an idea from Video View to make the whole thing interactive, with audience suggestions (not requests!) contributed to the mix via a dedicated laptop.

So if you’re in the Wakefield area I’m suggest you sign up to the Wakefield Art Walk and join them and me for an evening at the Hepworth, 5pm to 9pm on Wednesday 25th May. While you’re there you can check out everything else the gallery has to offer, and try your hand at digital graffiti courtesy of friispray


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