A hosiery removal incident with Wiley

I spend a lot of time digging back through the video vault looking for stuff to play out, and I guess on balance a lot of my stuff is what you might call retro. However occasionally something arrives box fresh and blows my socks off.

I had a hosiery removal incident only the other week when I had my first peek at Wileys “Numbers in Action”. My my my what a video. Simple yet sophisticated, he’s spitting some fine rhymes too. Apparently there are 32 separate Wileys in there, who is your favourite? My favourite is number 32, paying homage to Buster Keaton by standing stock still as the zero falls round him.

Wiley is famed for not turning up for video shoots, so I imagine that the necessity of keeping him interested on set was the mother of much creative invention on the part of video producers Us. This visual powerhouse have previously popped out starling videos for Thome Yorke, Tinne Tempah & Dels, and are definitely one to watch… as it were.

While we’re talking numbers, I’m betting that having watched it once, you’ll go back again for at least a second time, just to try & take it all in. I think I watched it 5 times the first time I saw it.


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