A democratic approach to AV

All this talk of AV has been most frustrating, given it relates to some minor adjustment of the political system, not the infinitely more exciting AudioVisual malarkey that I delight in. However, I’m making the best of a bad job and grabbing the singular opportunity to crowbar it into a blog about Video View.

Because Video View is THE MOST democratic approach to audio visual entertainment out there, as the audience choose what to watch. That ladeezandgerrulmen is what makes it the laid back sharing session it is. I wont bore you with the wiring diagrams, but in essence, a laptop drifts from table to table which audience members use to search out videos in keeping with the chosen theme. Its then a case of sitting back and waiting for your choice to pop up on the massive cinema screen.

I wont lie, it’s not entirely a free for all. Each month we have a guest curator choosing a selection, along with a closing mix from me. And I must confess, the boundaries between audience choices and my mix are increasingly blurred, with nights turning into a back to back set between me and everyone else. But at its heart, it’s all about sharing the best in online videos.

So, interest suitably piqued, you’re probably wondering when the next one is happening. Well, coincidentally, you’re in luck! The next Video View is this Saturday night. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of manned space flight, the theme is Space, and features a guest curation slot from @spaceacademy.

We’re blessed with one of the best venues in town, the concert room at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton. Which handily comes with a bar serving a choice selection of food & drink. Genuinely, it’s the perfect combination for a relaxed night amusing your friends with your choices of obscure videos. Join the democratic av revolution from 8pm, its free entry.

And just to show I’m not bitter about all this unrelated AV brouhaha, here’s a mildly amusing mashup created to nudge you in one direction or the other come voting time….


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