You dont get that down the Odeon: Video View Space theme

Does the Odeon invite you into their projectionist booth? Do they ply you with boozes? Do they encourage you to chat to your mates during features? Do they have candles? No, but Video View does…

Next Saturday (23rd) sees the next instalment of Video View take over the main room, and more importantly the cinema screen, in Chapel Allerton’s Seven Arts Centre. Regular readers will be aware that this is the 4th Video View, and it’s definitely starting to get into it’s stride.

The theme this time out is Space, inspired in large part by our guest curators Twitter handle: @spaceacademy. The fact that this month also celebrates the 50th anniversary of manned space travel just shows that the celestial bodies are clearly aligned.

But here’s the thing… What makes the night is neither the guest curator, nor ineaux’s contributions, epic though they undoubtedly are. These are mere buttresses, propping up the audience contributions, for that is what truly makes Video View unique and gives it it’s free flowing informal atmosphere. It’s all about YOU, the audience making the most of having free access to both the entire information superhighway, and all the videography zooming about on it. Plus a huge screen to watch it on.

There is little else to say, it starts at 8pm, finishes around 11pm and it entirely free.  Here are a couple of vaguely appropriate videos to light your blue touch papers….


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