Rolling inna arty fashion for Papergirl Leeds

The lovely people behind Papergirl Leeds invited me to sift the ethers for audio visual vibeage at their launch exhibition last week, here’s what happened…

The venue was the new TestSpaceLeeds… er… space… which I can confirm is outstanding for the purposes of exhibitioning. Dusting the windowsills during setup must have bestowed good fortune, as I was treated to a huge leather sofa & rock solid wifi all night long. That, good reader, is most assuredly how I like to roll. A comfortable setup makes all the difference when you’re in for a stretch, and at almost 4 hours, my set was certainly that. I have to say, from the outset I was relishing a lengthy slot and the chance to let rip with freewheeling content, not work around a specific theme as at Video View.

So after playing some random selections to start, including some Muppets to please the under 10’s scuffing it up on the dancefloor, it was time to kick off the set proper, with an intro from Marlo of Marlo & The Magic Movie Machine fame…

Marlo: “Hey Machine, lets start the show”

Machine: “Great idea Marlo”

And so it began. We rattled through Paul McArtney playing some wine glasses, Ivor Culter playing the harmonium in smoking jacket, a folk rock cover of Gaga’s Telephone, an interlude about eating brains, some beatboxing folk vibes from Beardyman and some more bluesy beatboxing from Son of Dave…

Then it was into the remix culture segment, including a snippets of Larry Lessig’s TED presentation, some Kutiman dub, remixes of remixes, David Dimbleby dancing with Gilbert & George, Keyboard Cat demonstrating a new fangled synthesising organ and the rant from the film Network segued into Frankie Valli’s “Begging” as seen through Cyriaks deranged eyes…

You get the picture by now, some weirdness mixed with some strangeness and blended with a dash of humour. In between I chatted to some nice folk, at least the ones who weren’t annoyed by the fact that I was projecting over some of the artwork submitted for the exhibition. It can be hard to gauge audience reactions, but there seemed to be plenty folk eyeing my pixels whenever I looked round and I was delighted when someone came over to say I was playing her dream setlist by including both Ivor Cutler (below) and the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. I think I’m winning on novelty value, if nothing else.

Highlight for me was a mix I’ve been dying to play out in the right setting, mashing up a stretched out scene from To Kill a Mockingbird with the Skream remix of La Roux’s “In for the Kill”. I’m sure no-one else noticed, but the effects achieved through judicious use of a luma-key fade made me very happy. I was also much amused when my good friend Dave, possibly a little the worse for wear, ran round shouting for everyone to watch his favourite mashup of Carl Sagan & Stephen Hawking ‘singing’ “A Glorious Dawn”.

And so it went on, I’ve pasted a fair chunk of the setlist at the end. I think I may have lost the audience at one point when demanding to dance I played them “Gossip Calypso” by Bernard Cribbins, kids these days huh?! When it was all over Neil from TestSpace said he figured I must have got through most of my content. Far from it, I could have done another 4 hours without repetition had I been asked. Though some stuff I played was very worth of repetition, such as this strange offering from Suburbanbatherson…

Marlo & the Magic Movie Machine – intro

Paul McArtney – BBC Radio 2 advert

Ivor Cutler, Shoplifters – Old Grey Whistle Test

The Morning Pages, Telephone – Lady Gaga cover

Wild Rumpus feat Beardyman, Rock the Joint

Two Watts of Power, Squeemy

Son of Dave, Old Times Were Good Times

. – a mashup of YouTube memes

Larry Lessing, How creativity is being strangled by the law – TED presentation

Kutiman, This is what it became – mashup created from Youtube videos

Rc4rdo, Remix Culture – video collage

Cassetteboy, The Web for Beginners

David Dimbleby dances with Gilbert & George – Seven Ages of Britain

Cuban Brothers, Sorry – mashup of School for Scoundrels

Mellotron demonstration – Pathe Films

Keyboard Cat

Network “Mad as Hell” speech

Frankie Valli, Beggin’ – Cyriak animation

Chris Joss, Danger Buds

Rc4rdo, Appropriation & Culture Jamming

iGod, Wendy Carlos & the Kubrick Rubrick

Ivor Culter, Walking to a Farm – scenes from Timeslip

Practical Slacks, Episode 1, Natural Slack

Carl Sagan, A Glorious Dawn – from the Symphony of Science

Look Around You – Synthesiser Patel

Laurie Spiegel, Improvisations on a Concerto Generator – radiophonic workshop pioneer

Bruce Haack, Party Machine

Muppets Swedish Chef, Popcorn

Cyriak, Cycles

Mexican Institute of Sound, Yo Digo Baila

RJD2, 1976

Rc4rdo, Remix Culture II

Pogo, Gardyn

Men Without Hats, Safety Dance

Tiga, Hot in Here vs Tripllettes de Belleville

Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Music for a Found Harmonium

Bomb the Bass feat Justine Warfield, Bug Powder Dust

How to Rock – tutorial on punk chords

Psychic TV, Godstar

Passage à l’acte at pseudosummers – scene from To Kill a Mockingbird

La Roux, In for the Kill (Skream remix)

Gerhard Trede, Gefahrenzone I


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