And lo, brother ineaux has been ordained

In celebration of my ordination as a minister in the Church of Sub Genius (genuinely), I thought it apposite to review some of their neo literature and spread the good word. As they say in the Sound of Music, the Beginning is a very good place to start, so squeench with me as Reverend Bob gives a reading from the Book of Bob…

You might be wondering what this hallaballoya is all about, so here’s a handy primer on the underpinning philosophy, which is pithily expressed by the “Let there be slack” mantra…

As you’ve probably gathered the word of J R “Bob” Dobbs eerily echoes my own approach to collagemusement, and you can anticipate his teachings being increasingly integrated into my live shows. I’m also working on a major re-coming of Bob, right here in Leeds. Of which, more in future, however, for now, lets squeench some more with the Reverend…


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