Konnichiwa Running Man

I think I’ve just got time to squeeze in a non Video View blog post before I start spamming… sorry I mean promoting the next one.

One of the wonders of the internets is that things just arrive in my inbox without any bidding, and sometimes patterns become discernible within this blizzard of pixels, data and pretty pictures. The latest trend seems to be Japanese videos with a heavy dose of old fashioned mime. It feels like a bizarre oriental tribute to Marcel Marceau.

Fittingly, first into my inbox was this from 16 piece live band Gaka, called “Tsuchinoko”. Excitingly, it was all filmed in camera, a very Michel Gondry type approach, which I approve of enormously. So these fellas, and a lady, are wearing silver lycra trousers, and doing the running man whilst gurning at the camera. There’s some great Manga style slapstick, along with some lo-fi re-creations of camera & CG effects, all to the backdrop of some honking horns. Really quite delightful, in an odd sort of fashion…

And then we have this lot, probably called World Order with a tune called Machine Civilisation, though I may concievably have John Peeled the order of band/track names there. Anyway, this is what would happen if you got some Japanese folk to remake that O2 ad (was it O2, I wasn’t paying attention) where they all dance in the railway station, in the style of an OK Go video, with added street dance vogueing. In fact, I think thats what they did, although I would also guess that they are making a point about Civilisation…  and no doubt Machines too… just a wild guess. Still, it makes for a quirky video, and some of the synchronised routines are works of art in themselves, especially the running bits. Not sure about the vogueing mind….


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