Th, th.. thats all the Video View folks: a review

I am an incurable sunny side up type, but I definitely think the last Video View was the best so far. Although I would probably have said that about the others had you asked at the time…

 It was the first one in which a guest curator to stepped up to the mark, and what a cracking job Noel (@DJBogtrotter) made of it. There were only 3 of us in there to witness his Rhubarb & Custard opener, but I could tell immediately that I was going to like. Including something from Cyriak is always going to please me, and no doubt most of the audience too. Also great to see a scene from Belleville Rendezvous, surely the best modern silent animated film about the Tour de France ever made. And the malevolent version of Up was laugh out loud funny…

By now we’d drawn a bit of a crowd, helped in part by the visuals being piped into the bar, and it was time to kick off the audience suggestion slots. Straight from the off we had a brilliant non animated selection which was pure delight. I have to share it with you all…

However I must confess suggestions were slow in coming forward. Perhaps folk are un-used to being given such free reign over what they watch. Handily, in preparing for my set I had gathered over 100 animated videos, so I wacked a couple of these on to get the creative juices flowing. I have seen this Blu video a couple of times but it was REALLY made for portrayal on the big screen and earnt a much deserved round of applause at the end. Incidentally, this staple of the short film event is oft lacking at Video View, but for me that’s a good thing, as it shows people are having a good time chatting to mates & drinking boozes. Plus you know when something gets applause it really merits it, and it’s not just being done as some kind of peer pressure punctuation of the evening. #thatshowweroll

The crowd continued being shy with their suggestions, so I started to throw up more of my own choices, including one rather cheeky number featuring a pair of unicorns pleasuring each other as only they can, which I think most people missed. However suddenly there was an influx of folk, the roving laptop was commandeered & pressed into action with selection after selection of animated amusements.

But hang on, I was playing now! Didn’t these people appreciate the strict time slot rules of Video View? These Jonny come latelys were past the official 10pm start of MY set. Despite several pints of Landlord, I was able to quell my ego, and started mixing these new suggestions with my own choices. Whilst this may have made for some clunky mixes, it was great to be able to interact with audience suggestions, using them to send me off on new tangents. In particular I was delighted with this choice….

….which provided the perfect link segue into the outstanding Flush by Losers, a long time favourite of mine.

On checking the playlist from the night for this review, I’ve found even more audience selections that I never got round to playing. They must have come in after 10.45, by which time I was very aware of the impending 11pm curfew, and determined to play a few bangers before closing time and have a little dance. I squeezed in some Girl Talk, some Major Lazer and got my first chance to play this, Japanese Popstars with “Let Go”…

So to finish, big thanks to Noel Curry for the curation slot, to Seven Arts for having me, for Adam the indomitable tech guy, to Alison for bringing along a crowd and of course to everyone who came. Without you it’s just me amusing myself infront of a big screen…. which is ok, but it’s more special when it’s shared.

 Oh, no… actually, I should close as I did on the night, which went a little something like this, only looped and looped and looped and loo…


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