Thinking out loud and colouring between the lines

I’m trying to muster my thoughts on what I will be playing at tomorrows Video View animation theme night, so figured a blog might help. Its not so much a case of deciding what to play, more what not to play, as my playlist currently runs to 90 animated videos.

I wont be playing an entire set of They Might Be Giants videos as threatened on twitter, delightful though they undoubtedly are. I think I’ll throw a few in early on, particularly my favourite “I’m impressed”. I love the way the legions of paper & cardboard come to life…

There’s going to be a fair amount of Ninja Tune style jazz influenced hip hop, as they are a big lover of the animated music video. I know Madvillan (MF Doom & Madlib) isn’t on Ninja Tune, but its the same vibe, and this is an outstanding animated video. I love that retro crime thriller comic style…

Plus of course I need to throw in some random samples in between tunes, and will be making extensive use of the bizarre philosophical monologues from the beautifully roto-scoped Waking Life. Though disappointingly, in the week since I put my playlist together Fox Searchlight has already decided to block one of the samples I wanted to use on copyright grounds. Still, at least this one, and a few others, remain…

And whilst we’re talking roto-scoping, I’m going to try and squeeze in this upbeat number from Girl Talk, the video for which was roto-scoped by an entire college class…

Video View also features a guest slot from full time TV editor and part wime web comic writer Noel Curry, and of course there’s chance for YOU to choose your fave online videos in our innovative internet video jukebox slot. It’s all entirely free, and nicely informal, from 8pm in the main hall at Seven Arts Centre, Harrogate Road, Chapel Allerton.


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