The curse of the eclectic mind

I have been prevaricating about writing my next blog, even kicking off a couple before leaving them half finished. And for why? The curse of the eclectic mind.

Whilst eclectic is both what I do, and why I do what I do, it doesn’t half make things difficult. How do you describe it, how do you corral those fleeting and contrasting thoughts, how do you focus on something and bring it to fruition? The answers to these questions largely elude me. Reading this now you have no idea how long I have pondered and prevaricated, such is the joy of written prose. However, when you’re mid set with 1 minute 30 seconds to run of a video, and the one you wanted to play next has suddenly been removed from YouTube or is freezing in the unaccountable way that they do sometimes, what do you play next from the 1155 options YouTube is proffering?

I suppose the sensible thing is to have a grab bag of options ready to slot into any set, and to an extent I do have. However, once again the curse strikes and it can be difficult to choose something that suits. Especially when you play such a variety of  sets (currently I have 53 different sets sketched out as playlists) Though I find this test card spoof works in most circumstances and buys time for some deep breaths…

An alternative is to throw in a deliberate mashup that covers many bases, and is knowingly self referential. AKA going Meta…

No, no, I’ve got it. I know what you can play that NEVER misses. That NEVER fails to raise a knowing smile. That EVERYONE in the audience will watch and think you dropped on purpose. Everyone loves a lolcat right, so it’s got to be the online video equivalent. Drop dat keyboard cat!


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