Getting all animated about the next Video View

Pinch. Punch. First of the month. Yes, it’s March already, so time for another Video View, which this month is on a Saturday, rock & roll! Saturday 19th March to be precise, from 8pm.

Once again we’re in the main room at Seven Arts in Chapel Allerton, playing with their HUGE cinema screen, what joy. You might have noticed how excited I was about this space last month, it’s definitely Video View’s spiritual home. Dont forget it’s entirely free and very laid back & informal. Just a screen, a bunch of tables, some candles and a bunch of nice folk (including YOU)  in charge of what we watch.

In honour of our guest curator, the theme this time round is all things animated. Who is the guest I hear you cry, well its Noel Curry, full-time TV editor, part-time webcomic artist (DJ Bogtrotter and Milton’s Life) and co-organiser of the Chapel Allerton Film festival. Noel will be selecting his favouritest & weirdest animations from the internet, and has challenged YOU to go weirder. So we’ll be expecting you to step right up.

I’m also relishing the challenge of an animated set, not something I’d really considered before, though I am a big fan of animation. I think I’ll play it by ear and see how the vibe is going, if we’re super tranquilo,  I can drop some classic Pogo…

Maybe throw in some funky hip hop from Ewan Hoozami (loving that name, try saying it out loud)…

Or if we all need perking up a bit, we’ll have to get some of Major Lazer’s caffiene rich brew down our necks…


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