Get up BIG in Holbeck

For a control freak it’s odd that I seem to keep on organising events that give other people control over what gets shown, but it’s happening again, tonight in fact (Fri 18th Feb). We’re setting up shop and handing over the digital crayons to whoever wants to have a draw on buildings in Holbeck.

I have stirred up some twittery interest, but there is only so much you can say in 140 chars. I really need more space to pay tribute to co-conspirators, and I know some folk are desperate for more info &/or geeky wiring diagrams…

Firstly I couldn’t do this alone, Stuart Childs (@sc_r) has kindly lent us his fiendishly clever Tagtool. Dave Lynch (@davelynch) is underpinning the whole enterprise with his supreme know how.

So what’s the crack? Put simply, we’re pointing a projector at some buildings, and hooking it up to both the Tagtool and a Laser Tag, so two people can work on an illustration at once. The Tagtool is probably best used for big chunky drawing, backdrops, colouring-in etc. Then with the Laser Tag, you can add in some fine detail with laser guided precision. But who knows, it might work in a totally different fashion, Tagtool illustrations can be moved around in real time for example, opening up whole new creative avenues.

We’re kicking off at sunset on the side of offices/apartments on Manor Road in Holbeck. Around 7 storeys of digital graffiti should be ours! Then later on, around 9, we’re moving over to the Round Foundry for a slightly more intimate session in much closer striking distance from the pubs.

We will be documenting it, but if you join us with a camera obscura (or equivalent photo-sensitive device), please let us have duplicates of your negative plates once they have returned from the developers.

Until then, here are a few videos of the sort of thing you can expect…


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