How was it for you @ Video View *puffs*

Time for a look back at the not-so-recent Video View held last Friday in the AWESOME main hall at Seven. Sorry, was that a bit enthusiastic for an opening line? Ok, ‘the awesome main hall at Seven’, hows that? I must confess however, my appreciation of the venue might leak out at times, please bear with me…

Its a well known fact that Seven have the best tech support staff in the entire universe. To be honest, its very rare to venue that actually has tech support staff, so I know my perspective is a limited one. However they are GREAT. So good in fact than when the internet died during the evening, I knew it was only a matter of time before they fixed it and all I needed to do was pop a Barbarella dvd on for eye candy in the intervening period. ‘Love’

I promise I’ll get to the content soon, but can I just take a moment to reflect on the visual impact of a cinema sized screen: mmmmm… cinema screeeeeen…

Ok, so I played some stuff, then the audience played some stuff, and it ruled. The end.

Sorry, you stuck it out through my salivating over the setup, only fair I share some more about the content. The Cupid & Valentine theme was only vaguely adhered to as is swiftly becoming the norm, but that did provide chance for another Kutiman fan to get their choice up and for the find of the night (for me) Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking singing about the universe.

The old school Roger Sanchez video with the girl carrying a shrinking heart went down well, and a future guest curator chose some choice animations taking an oblique twist on the theme. 

A rowdy element in the crowd started choosing some rather unsuitable content, prompting an escalation in the bad taste wars from me, sorry about that. Plus I was forced to invoke the unwritten rule of Video Club View (which is that everything must include video) and move the playlist on when I realised we’d been looking at the same image for a good 30 seconds.

Finally, I wrestled back control and aimed to mix my way to a seamless finish. Unfortunately mid way through mashing up the US Navy VD cartoon one of my laptops also decided to break the unwritten rule, and play only audio with no accompanying visual. By the time it had been restarted and started showing pretty pictures again most of the mashup cues had passed. Still, I got to play some enjoyable smut about fertility rites on the Cerne Abbas Giant, followed by the Maypole/phallic symbol scene from Wickerman, straight into the thexy lady from Goldfrapp singing about ‘Riding a White Horse’ along with loads of other internet video gubbins.

I never did get round to playing the Hollywood Kitty video though, probably just as well as my wife was there and I have the lots for Miss Kitty…


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