Robotic love at Video View

Video View is almost upon us* so time for another raiding of the vault to see what’s in store from me. I have no idea what you’re planning, but look forward to finding out.

As is customary, I’ll be mixing and mashing my way through all manner of films, videos and internet weirdness. Amongst other stuff I’ll be sampling the Wickerman, Science of Sleep, Waking Life and cult 70’s film Futureworld, more of which shortly.

I’m really looking forward to playing a favourite vid of mine, an Italo Disco classic from 1981. Its got all the features I like in a YouTube video. It’s recorded from live tv, probably onto a VCR, and has gained some gorgeous digital patina in the various recording & transfer processes. I love the introduction from the show presenter, and the backdrop visuals & performance predate the likes of Daft Punk or Gorillaz by a good 15 years. Plus of course, it’s a great tune. La Bionda “Wanna be your lover”…

To give you an idea of how I’ll be rolling, I’ll mix into this from a snippet of Futureworld. To summarise the entire plot takes longer than our attention spans will stretch, but lets just say it’s about a futuristic theme park where humanoid robots fulfil your every fantasy. Tune in from 1.40 to see exactly what sort of fantasies the guests are anticipating.

We kick off at 8pm tonight in the main hall of Seven Arts Centre in Chapel Allerton (LS7 3PD) which means we’re using their huge cinema sized screen! Its free and informal, and it’s not all about sitting there and watching my choices. Impress lovers &/or friends by choosing videos from the internets based on the Cupid & Valentine theme. I’m hoping we can avoid too much in the way of cheese, but be warned, if it starts to get whiffy I’ll be playing the loved up film I made to show at my wedding reception, and no-one wants that.


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