Video View: Cupid & Valentine, free n’ easy

Video View returns to Seven Arts centre next Friday, and this time they’re letting you loose on the huge CINEMA SIZED SCREEN in the main room. No doubt they’re keen to limit potential for further internecine conflict by giving us our own space (see last months review). In celebration of the tacky card and nasty chocolate merchfest, our theme is Cupid & Valentine.

Have no fear though, we’re not sponsored by, we’re sponsored by YOU as it’s you who will be choosing what to watch live on the night. So get those raunchy leatherette thinking caps on. Mind you, it’s not like it’s a hard one. 87% of the entire popular music canon is dedicated to the theme (FACT!), so there’s plenty to go at. Including ample amounts for bitter singletons to revel in, should you so wish. So come on your own, come in couples, threesomes, or group huggles, whatever. Just bloody come, as we have lots of space and screen time to fill! Its free and informal, and kicks off at 8pm on Friday 11th Feb.

Of course I’ll be playing all manner of SFW & NSFW internet favourites too, possibly including this cheeky fan video for the Pogo tune “Go out and love someone”. I wish I had the hours needed to laboriously reconstruct songs based on sampled Carry On films…

I will, however, definitely not be playing our non-sponsors idea of an underground/overground internet video. If you want to see how bad the corporate take on bedroom creativity can be, check theirs out. Though I really don’t want to increase their 1,232 views or they might think it truly has ‘gone viral’.


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