No Nails in… Barbara Streisand?

And now… part two in the slightly delayed ‘Nails’ series, if you’re looking for cerebral and thought provoking, best look away now as we’re back to percolating the party…

Swots down the front may well recall an early post delighting in the jump rope skills exhibited in Malcolm McLarens Double Dutch, well here we go again. This time we’re picking up the tempo considerably, as DJ Fresh goes hyper with the madly breakbeat driven ‘Gold Dust’. I hear some folks use cheesy Whitney Houston tracks to pump themselves up, well I use this video for the same purpose and it never fails. Loving the attitude of the two girls in hooped long socks, says it all really….

Who knows which grimey urban playground they chose to shoot that video in, but I think we can be pretty sure this next one was filmed in the Big Apple. I fully acknowledge that the fromage-o-meter is nudging 11 with this one, but it’s a fun party tune and I’m making no excuses for it. I’m not a massive Armand van Helden fan for cheese related reasons, but his Duck Sauce side project seem to have nailed the good time vibe with this cheeky number ‘Barbara Streisand’. The video has all the ingredients of a great promo, nice original footage, singalong samples from the web, cameo’s, live party shots and a badly made up woman in a dodgy wig. Party hard y’all…


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