MAD DECENT rich cultural blend

The next instalment of the Nails series will have to wait as MAD DECENT just spat out another outstanding vid and I need to share.

MAD DECENT, the record company run by renowned producer & allegedly the most annoying person on the internet, Diplo, can do little wrong in my eyes. Diplos passion for mixing western beats with global dance sub-cultures comes through strongly in the artist roster.

The video that caught my attention most recently comes courtesy of Scandinavian types Savage Skulls & Robyn, along with Lyonnaise stepper Douster. Featuring classic cars is always a good way to get my attention, pay homage to retro French crime capers while dropping some weighty beats & loops, and I’m totally sold. So here you go, it’s “Bad Gal”…

Keeping with the MAD DECENT topic, they are clearly big fans of something called the percolator dance, as they are about to release an album dedicated to it. I’m sure many of you will be wondering what it is, well…. it looks like dancing to me! Judge for yourself with this masterclass in percolating, featuring a Cajmere (aka Green Velvet) remix. Loving those kids and the moves.

Alternatively, check out this animated video accompanying Major Lasers remix.


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