No nails in Africa?

I just had a scan back though my old posts. I may have given you all the wrong impression, with all the cutesy, folksy videos on here there’s a chance you’ll be like “Aw bless, what a fur lined niche he’s ploughing there”

Well, it’s time to reappraise you of that impression, I’m nails I am and so are my sets (when the occasion demands). I didn’t spend my formative years banging it out onstage at techno all-nighters for nothing you know! Whilst I’m not about to play any old noise fest, there are some cracking videos out there if you like it a little ‘arder.

Lets ease ourselves in with a highly topical video, featuring as it does the flirting dance from the young men of the Wodaabe Fula people of Niger, as seen in last weeks Human Planet. Though it wasn’t quite set to a beat like this! This is O Dedo, from J Wow…

J Wow is one of the producers behind Portuguese act Buraka Som Sistema, who fuse tribal rhythms with techno. My kinda party! One of their earlier releases featured the vocal talents of one M.I.A. and another cracking video, straight from the streets of Angola. The track is Sounds of Kuduro, Kuduro being the name given to Angolan street dance music, I guess it’s their Baile Funk.


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