The next big rumble in the jungle

You may already know that ‘ineaux’ is basically a shortened version of my surname, which looks French, but is actually Belgian. So, it’s hardly surprising that I had already picked up on the most hotly tipped Belgian artist for 2011… well ok, maybe it does.

Actually, it was my love of African beats & rhythms that led me to Balogi and his Congolese heritage influenced spitting style. My introduction was through a track he did with Konono No 1, the outstanding thumb harp band from Kinshasa. Which happens to be where the accompanying video was shot. I love everything about it: the opening voiceover, the malevolent feverish spirit which imbues it, the street scenes, the masks, the crowd, the outfits, the classic VW vans, the fight, EVERYTHING!

I hope the guy who asked what this was when I played it at the Hexstatic gig at Nation is reading this, cos at the time I couldn’t remember Baloji’s name, and he clearly needed this in his life, as do you…

I’m a big global beats fan, and have an extensive playlist based on Africa and Afrobeat. Which makes choosing a B side for this video a bit tricky. You know what, I can’t decide, lets have two. So, lets pick up on the Rumble in the Jungle connection, the epic Ali vs Foreman fight held in Kinshasa (hardly a jungle!), interpreted by Johnny Wakelin back in 1976, for the song In Zaire…

Ok ok, I know, I cheated, neither African nor Afrobeat. How about this then, the truly authentic sights and sounds of Afrobeat courtesy of the recently reformed Orchestra Poly Rhythmo with Gbeti Madjro. Apologies for it being in only one speaker, but it’s well worth it.


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