Video View review: when cultures clash

The inaugural Video View was last night, lets see how it went…

Set up progressed pretty smoothly and once the screen stopped trying to roll itself back up, we were ready to rock. Nipping to the gents for a pre-show jimmy I was pleased to see they had redecorated and we had pride of place!

Easing ourselves in with The Beatles “Revolution”, which is hardly a raucous affair, I couldn’t believe it, an all time record, a complaint about the noise in under 3 minutes… On reflection, perhaps putting us on at the same time as the Book Club was a mistake. I persevered, we’d turned off half the speakers so there were some quieter bits in the bar, but no, the Book Club were in the wrong place, and weren’t about to move.

By now I’m super pleased with myself, dropping the opening scene from Zabriskie Point, overlaid with some bluesy soundtracking from Swamp Dogg. The Book Club were super anti-pleased, in fact they were down-right rude:

“What are you doing?” snaps the cross lady in mustard yellow jumper
“Playing videos” I reply, keeping it civil
“Why?” she barked, which sounded existential to me. Not wishing to debates the many and various wherefores I agreed the clash was rather unfortunate.
“Its not what I would call entertaining” was her parting shot before retreating to ruminate on the nature of misogyny, as viewed through the medium of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

I must confess, in a stroke of irony I had billed Video View as being “like a book club, but with pixels and light instead of ink and paper”. In hindsight, its not. I dont think we made a snappy remark or complaint all evening. I must re-think my branding. Anyway, I continued keeping it civil, turning it down when I thought it was too loud and merrily progressed through my opening hour set. Which brought in 2 more complaints. What can you do?!

Onto the sharing session… I suspect the bad weather had scared most folk off. Even I chose to drive the ¼ mile there and forego a couple of extra pints to avoid a soaking, but we had some choice selections from the audience. One in particular stood out for me, I’m sure you can spin the revolution theme through relating it to the wheels, or the revolutionary use of space. Whatever, this was fantastic, I can see why it has 5+million views…

The crowd ran out of suggestions just as the internet connection ran out of juice. Cue 15 minutes of stressing from me, a lost flow, and some glitchy moments. Par for the course for streaming video from the ether I’m afraid.

Still, when the internets returned the Book Club had departed, and we were on the money right up until closing time. Played out some of my favourite videos, mix of the night being Printed Circuit into Coldcut (try it yourself below). Even made the final courting couple delay their departure, despite having put on the coats and stood up to leave, by judicious use of Men Without Hats “Safety Dance” #becauseican


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