Slug balancing collagistes

It seems the whole Movember thing has tapped into a rich vein of facial hair, as both todays super recent videos feature gentlefellows balancing hairy slugs on their top lips.

Spend enough time kicking around the internet watching videos and you’ll eventually come across the madly deranged work of satirical animator Cyriak, a Terry Gilliam for the internet generation, who I have been banging on about for a while. Invariably he’s filed away in my ‘Weird’ playlist, for want of a better explanation of wtf is going on in his videos. He’s back with a new video for San Franciscan ‘post dubstep’ electronic artist Eskmo with yet more of his trademark After Effects induced repetitive cut up collages. We really do got more….

Although musically miles apart, the cut up animation style is reminiscent of another hot off the presses video from Brooklyn based band Lavalier. Once again the powerful all pervasive ‘Photoshop on wheels’ is used to full effect here, though there’s also a smattering of good old fashioned hand drawn animation plus a heady dose of hipster folk. Its ‘Twilight Lovebite’…

PS For some proper old school tasches, and an explanation of the title in case it’s baffling, check out this darkly humorous episode of Blackadder…


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