Have a nom nom christmas

I am supposed to be concentrating on important things, not interweb fripperies, but I cant help myself. Its food food food in my head this morning, in large part because I’m hungover and fantasising about sausage sandwiches, om nom nom…

My grasp on pop culture memes must have slipped as I had to ask an entire interweb forum what the origin of this phrase was a few years back. Of course dear educated reader, you already knew that it comes from the furry guru Cookie Monster. I’ll let him explain.

I bet you cant guess what Cookie Monster wants from Santa?! We’ll let him explain shall we?

I want to know what flavour the pencil was. I’ll be putting one of these on my Christmas list before it goes up the chimney….

Check out the www address of that last video! Its like one of ‘those’ episodes of Countdown isn’t it?! Anyway, now I’ve thoroughly trashed my cool credentials, I’ll get back to the important stuff I’m meant to be doing.


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