Liberating projectors from powerpoint

 I love projections, all manner of projections, from building mapping to Michel Gondry. I dont know why the flickering moving light captures my imagination so, but it does. I’ve played my own small part in doing novel stuff with projectors, like landing alien space ships in Hyde Park on April Fools, playing vintage Atari games on the side of Leeds Uni, drawing on various buildings with lasers and organising a guerrilla drive screening of Gremlins. But really I’m just a derivative bit part.

However there are folk out there doing genuinely innovative things that prove that we’ve barely scratched the surface of creative uses for projections. Check out this astounding interactive performance by Miwa Matreyek, which incidentally also shows (once again) how brilliant the TED talks are.

And here is another astonishing performance from Miwa, just think about the planning and choreography that goes into a performance, truly inspiring.

This kinda reminds me of shadow puppetry, which I’ve long been a fan of. Great narratives and bold images cant be beaten in my mind. If this stuff interests you, the Paper Cinema do a fantastic modern take on it, with live instrumentals too. Catch them at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park on 11th & 12th December, I certainly intend to!


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