Man vs machine

Typical isn’t it, just when you think you’re getting to grips with a job, a machine comes along and does it better. This was my conclusion having spent an afternoon in front of the TV watching my YouTube favourites on random shuffle.  It was amazing, probably better than most of my themed or planned sets. I just take some solace as it was a random selection from my choices.

Watching videos in a different space also threw new light on them, including the Peter Serafinowicz directed video for Hot Chip’s “I feel better”. I’m a big Serafinowicz fan, his Look Around You series often pops up in my sets, but as a video director he’s definitely unique, it’s a bit of a marmite one this, (try it on your telly at home, it made me see the light)…

Machines eh? They’ll be the death of us. Wasn’t that the overall thrust of Terminator? I never really paid much attention. Though I do like this delightful mashup lovingly crafted using pieces of Terminator, from the venerable Pogo stable, that popped up during the random selection.

Though for all their ‘issues’ machines are only as good as their user. Here’s a mix that I didn’t get round to airing at the Leeds Digital Festival.

Straight into the super sexy…

Mmmm… strict machines…


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