I have seen the future, it has 6 senses & no moves

Playing (for 6 whole hours!) at the Leeds Digital Festival and the awesome TEDxLeeds gave me the chance to sit in on their astoundingly varied presentations and what good fun it turned out to be, especially for a geeky geographer rocking a sideline in online amusements. I loved Matt Edgars look back to the past Masters of Leeds, a delightful presentation on a fascinating subject, delivered within spitting distance (almost literally from the top of the Mint) of one of the cradles of the industrial revolution in Holbeck.  

Looking to the future, we’re told to expect hyper connectivity between all manner of physical and digital things, at least so says the good folk behind Pachube (patchbay) who provide the back end plumbing to make it so. I loved their concept of a natural fuse, and cant even begin to imagine the possibilities that they’re opening up.

The future will also see us develop a 6th sense. Really! Well, when I say develop, I mean “buy” of course, but really this looks amazing, check it out for yourself courtesy of this TED talk that was screened during the evening. I particularly enjoyed this as it is a novel use for projectors, which I feel are a much underused tool. Like a latterday Michel Gondry, I have been musing much of late about the possibilities offered by filming and projecting from the same point, and this was yet another.

There was a further cracking TED talk from the archives screened during the evening. It looked at “How to develop a movement in 3 minutes”. The video I’ve embedded isn’t the exact presentation that was screened on the night, but it’s from the same guy on the same topic, just shortened. Have a squizz and you’ll see why I was into it….

So, I reckon I’ve about another 2.55 minutes until the YouTube jockeying movement kicks off! Amusingly, I clapped both of the screened presentations, but no-one else did, NOT ONE! Sheesh, just can’t seem to shake off that crazed leader thing.

And finally, a word on my sets. Having dug out loads of digital themed content, I played much of it out to the TEDx audience, as I figured they would enjoy in-jokes about tweeting and iPads, given both were much in evidence during the evening! The Digital Business crowd seemed different, so I toned down the knowingly themed content and just stuck to stuff I thought they would like. Typical then for someone to come up and request some Wham….


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