Get your retro geek on @LDSDigital fest

I’m playing two sets @LDSDigital festival this week, and have a HUGE stack of digital themed content to share. Most of it is on a retro, even vintage, technology tip, so it’s fitting to take a dig through my archives to share with you some of my oldest and goldest content. Lets start with this wonderful, if slightly woeful tune by Granddaddy “Jeds Other Poem”. As you will see it’s the video that grabbed my attention rather than the tune. One for the geeks this, it was all programmed in Applesoft BASIC on a 1979 Apple II, a precursor to the Apple Mac. Exceedingly simple and yet so effective, I defy you not to be impressed.

Sticking with very similar technology, but dancing to a different beat, next up is the tracksuited Norweigan electro rock duo Datarock. Their “Computer Love Camp” strikes an autobiographical tone revealing them to have not so secret pasts as nerdy code obsessed geeks suddenly introduced to the delights of femalekind.

The concept kinda reminds me of Weird Science, a reference which says more about my age than my taste in films/music!


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