Theres a Sesame Street video for that

As I alluded in my last blog, themed sets can be a mixed blessing… But on the upside they can be an absolute blast, as is the case with my digital theme for next weeks sets for Leeds Digital Festival. I guess it depends how much I’m feeling a theme. And friends, let me tell you I am really feeling this one, REALLY feeling it.

When working up a set, serendipity often looks kindlly on me, as was the case today when I  happpened upon a handy bit of wonkitude to throw into the mix, courtesy of Sesame Street. Yes, those perennial mashes of pop culture memes down to child size portions have come up  trumps, with a parody of  the early iPhone adverts. Sure you couldn’t make an entire set out of kiddie vids, but I  do like to  drop at least one into most sets.

I’ve got so much else planned that I could tell you about, singing Tesla coils, dancing robots, retro adverts, geeky 8 bit games tunes and much much more. But for now lets stick to another artist that fate herself recently brought into my life, and one who you can be sure would have appreciated the Sesame Street aesthetic. It’s electronic music  pioneer, Bruce Haack, who  recorded several albums of childrens music in the 60’s. This guy can be equated with the likes of Aphex Twin for the extent of his electro experimentalism, making his own synths from any old electronics he could get his hands on back in the days before mass production. Towards the end of his extensive and pioneering career he worked with  Def Jams Russell Simmonds to release proto-hip hop track “Party Machine” waaaay back in 1982. Dig the groovy boddy poppping and authentic pixelisation in this funky bleepy number.


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