Steve Jobs and dystopia at the Leeds Digital Festival?

I’m playing a couple of events at the Leeds Digital Festival next week, so have been digging for handy content. I’ve recently been recently properly introduced to the Penguin Cafe Orchestra, having previously enjoyed their stuff on mixtapes without knowing who they were. You’ll know them too, as their music was used on the One-to-One phone company advert. Here’s that tune, “Telephone and Rubber Band” mashed with footage from what looks like the 1927 film Metropolis.

Expanding on this visual cue, and the digital theme, I’ll be mixing it up with the original advert for the Apple Mac from 1984. Tying up with the date of it’s release, the advert uses similarly grainy dystopian images to flip-reverse it at the end, and claim that Macs would liberate us all from tyrannical big brothers… Steve Jobs, Flash and pron spring to mind, but who am I to comment?!


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