Down with da folk, not the judges

Over on Vimeo they have also been having an online film festival, and the results are in. Only I agree with da folk (peoples choice category) that Eclectic Methods Tarantino mashup is way better than the Judges Choice in the remix category. I think it’s a perfect combo of dialogue samples and original, or sound alike, soundtrack tunes. Though I’m not sure why I’m arguing with the choice of some seminal audio visual artists. Judgeing this category was DJ Spooky, the first person to make film rescores an artform in their own right and a bit of a hero to me. Also doffing a powdered wig was Adam Quirk, part of the av collective Wreck and Salvage, who’s work I have been enjoying since the very first time I joined Vimeo. Go figure, I guess they just thought this wasn’t very original, which I guess it’s not, it’s a massively familiar crowd pleaser….

I’m also quite taken with another Tarantino mashup courtesy of a gentleman called James Hyman, which has nothing to do with the Vimeo awards at all. It’s not quite got the same pacing or flow, but I like it, especially the sample of Tarantino talking about the use of songs in soundtracks, very nice touch that, very nice…

For the sake of balance and to help you make your own mind up, here’s the judges choice. For sure it’s accomplished, and the use of overlaid layers of cut out images makes a nice, but not massively original, variation of the standard use of old black and white footage. Its pretty standard fare in the overall message too: the man is bad, just in case you didn’t know?!


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