Internet video will eat itself

Ironic self-referentialism, is that neo-postmodernism? Whatever, it raises a wry smile from me and is made for a bit of tongue in cheek YouTube jockeying. I’m thinking in particular of this Michael Jackson/Weird Al spoof “Tweet it” which is blazing its way through the tweetersphere as I type. Made by viral video house Pantless Knights, subtle or original it sure ain’t, but since when have I embodied either of those virtues?! Loving the depictions of the various hipster tribes and their preferred Apple hardware, and the in jokes “neither of these devices support FLASH… WTF?!”

On to something much more worthy and cerebral now, here’s one of the shortlisted videos from YouTube Play, the competition I blogged about the other week. Musically it’s not entirely up my street, Kyle Andrews is a singer songwriter from the States, who sounds like he should be soundtracking a big budget series on HBO. I can really picture some EMO/hipster crossover types wigging out to this. However the video is pretty interesting. It’s created using frames from other YouTube videos as pixels, and clicking on the screen opens these other titles at random, which can be annoying I must confess. I’m not sure I’d play it out that often, as I think this is definitely one for the desktop. However, since you’re likely to view via your desktop, have a look and a click, tell me what you think.


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