Cornelius: ambient pop universes & pc peripheries

The head and shoulders highlight of my last trip to the Big Chill festival, back in 2008, was a live av performance from Japanese ambient pop star Cornelius. Highlight of highlights was the video for the track “Like a Rolling Stone”. This amazing stop mo animation must have taken a serious amount of time to create, as there are hundreds of characters to animate in each scene. Although it’s unfortunate not to be online in HD format, you can still revel in its miniature world of wonder, providing you can keep those damn Cravendale adverts out of your mind! To me the sounds and images bring to mind the birth of the universe and our time here on earth, but I’ve no idea if it has any real meaning as such.

Cornelius is an oddity, even for a Japanese artist, with influences ranging from Beck to Jesus and the Mary chain & Primal Scream. His peculiar take on composition encompasses sampling (in optimal quality no less) a lazerjet printer and pretty much using that straight to create a track. The accompanying video takes a similarly literal approach to it’s visual components, again it’s just a shame not to be in higher def…

But hey, you thought that was the limit of how creative you can get with a printer & associated peripherals?! Think again and get your geek on to this (also feat. an oscilloscope, mmmmm)….


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