If it’s good enough for the Guggenheim

Having alluded to the crossover between the art world and Youtube in my last post lets delve a little deeper, by looking at a Guggenheim gallery project, Youtube Play, which “aims to discover and showcase the most exceptional talent working in the ever-expanding realm of online video. This is not a search for what’s “now,” but a search for what’s next.” For me, this sets up an intriguing, if sometimes annoying, contrast between high art style critique and Youtube videos. It also says a lot about their commitment to having a wide ranging conversation that they chose Youtube instead of the much ‘artier’ Vimeo. Anyway, enough of the waffle on with the videos, is this next?….

Even if it’s not next, I enjoyed an alternative approach to the mashup. And theres quite possibly a frame or two of whatever is “next” in this trailer for the entire project. I recognise a fair few of the elements in there, but there’s a whole load that I’m looking forward to checking out courtesy of their shortlist of entries.


One thought on “If it’s good enough for the Guggenheim

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