gif me some love

.gifs seem to be everywhere at the moment, even featuring in a gallery show in place of hung artwork. Lofi animation a-go-go! So it’s no surprise that they also feature in music videos. The daddy of all gif mashups has to be this one (you know I only post vimeo linkys that are 110% worth clicking so make sure you do), created by the Graffiti Research Lab founder Evan Roth to accompany a megamashup from the all encompassing Girl Talk; a mashup artist who takes remixes to the next level, then breaks out a caretakers key to access VIP top floor rehashes. Seriously this aint no lazy overlay of R Kelly with country rock classics, oh no….

As my blog/facebook arrangement relies on youtube videos to create a visual thumbnail, I reckon we should take a look at a couple of other Girl Talk videos whilst we’re here. Starting with one that’s got very much the same spirit as the memestorm linked above.

Next, in a totally different vein a video lovingly rotoscoped from live concert footage by an entire college class over several hundred hours in very much a Waking Life style. The ultimate fan video? You decide…

And finally, I first met Girl Talk in my favourite documentary the Remix Manifesto, which I’ve blogged about before but which bears another hit. It does exactly what it says on the tin and includes some inspiring samples and sequences and has an overall message that I totally associate and agree with. Watch the first part on youtube…


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